Men are doomed, their lifestyle is slowly driving potential wives away and before they realize they are in their late 30s and still single. Some old bachelors convince themselves that it does not bother them that they are single yet all they do is drink themselves silly every weekend to drive their sorrow away.

Here is why some men are still single and will remain so if they do not change their ways:

1. You are very stingy

A man will keep calling women gold diggers simply because he does not want to spend money on one. Let me put it this way, if you cannot spend on yourself except buying booze and have never treated your woman, then you are a typical Nairobi man and guess what, soon you will be single as a gentleman will come and sweep your woman.

2. You are lousy in bed

Maybe it’s the junk that you take or the cheap liquor you indulge in day after day with your so called boys but what you are oblivious of is that it is slowly killing your lib!do. A man who only stays for less than 10 minutes will forever stay single simply because he cannot sat!sfy his woman.

3. You are still in your parent’s house

Just because your parents live in town does not mean you spend your rent money on beer. A man ought to be independent and gain respect not only from his family but also women. No woman will marry a man who has never in his three-plus decades paid house rent and utility bills. So man up and move out!

4. You are commitment shy

Men just want to remain ‘free’ and not have a family that depends on them. Having a family is not a death sentence, it is actually what makes you a real man. Fearing to commit only shows that you are a second degree boy who is yet to man up and before you realize, baby mamas will be all over the place as you keep running away from your responsibilities.

5. You are a night owl

See, there are men who never arrive home before midnight; those who will stay in the bar laughing with the barmaids just to buy time. There is a reason why a typical work day ends at 6pm. It is meant to give you time to go home and relax. If your woman has to cuddle the pillow to sleep then soon she will get herself a man who is able to come home to her in the evening. Then, you’ll have to marry your ‘dear bottle.’

6. You do not shower

It is only in town where a stench of old sweat is likely to hit you in a psv on your way to work. Despite the introduction of hot showers in nearly all rental apartments, some men still loathe the activity of showering. No woman wants to stay in the same house with a stinking man. If you are still wondering why you are still single, make the bathroom your favourite room in the house. Do not forget to invest in a manly deodorant or perfume. And while at it, there is nothing as sεxy as a nice smelling man.

7. You lack fashion sense

No woman wants to walk with a man who looks like he’s just from the farm. Grooming is very important for a man. Wearing the correct fits and matching colors always works miracles. There is a reason why married men are always sharply dressed, it means that for you to be like them socially you have got to imitate their fashion sense.

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