Forgive her father for she has sinned!

Oge Okoye donned a cleavage baring black dress to a London church last Sunday – and Lord help her for the ultimate fashion faux pas.


The actress, who has been revealing a lot recently, went a step further by confusing the entire congregation including her fans with her daring outfit.


Unfortunately for her, this particular piece drew the wrath of her fans who pounced on her for exposing her cleavage.


Some where of the opinion that such dress should not be worn to the house of God, a sacred place many like her don’t respect anymore.

While others wondered why she wore a dress like she was going to a night club.

But even stylish Nigerians say the look needs an act of contrition.

“If Oge was truly going to the house of God, she could go without being fashion forward. It’s disrespectful”, they added.

Others say, the actress should repent for her revealing look to the House of God except if she was going to show him the fresh b**bs he gave her.

A theologian added, “Our body is the temple of the Lord… Don’t let people deceive you… Beauty without decency and a true heart of love for God and his words is vanity…”

Another theologian wanted the Church to start canning people that dress like that to Church, while others who take a more modern approach to church dress codes believe Oge would have turned heads at church even if she was dressed conservatively.


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