Oma Akatugba reveals he’s been ordered by German police not to leave his house for 5 days and must do a COVID-19 test following an unknown neighbour’s report

 Oma Akatugba reveals he

Nigerian International sports journalist, Oma Akatugba has revealed he’s been ordered by authorities in Germany not to leave his house for five days and must do a compulsory COVID-19 test after an unknown neighbour reported him to police following his arrival from Nigeria. 

The football analyst, who is based in Germany with his family, disclosed this on Twitter, writing: “I have been ordered by the police who came to our house yesterday after being called by an unknown Neigbour, who told them I just arrived from Nigeria that I must not leave the house for 5 days, after which I must do a COVID-19 test.”


 Oma Akatugba reveals he


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