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OMG! See How A White Man Surprised All In A Bank in Nigeria (MUST READ)



Was in the bulk room of a first generation bank and crowd was quite bad ( yet they say no money ).There were some igbo men that had come to deposit quite an amount of money and had been conversing loudly in their dialect not caring that they were been a nuisance.

All of a sudden a white man comes in and the teller receives his cash whilst ignoring the hisses and insults of customers.

The igbo men, trust them started insulting the man and went ahead to add more in their dialect,the white man then,calmly turnsto them and responded to them in IGBO language then went on to add a few more sentences… the whole bulk room kept shut out of shock of course.I turned to him in amazement to ask him on how he learnt igbo and he smiled and responded to me fluently in HAUSA.

Apparently, he had been there before every one else but the account number was wrong and he was told he couldnt make calls in the banking hall, he then went out to make a call and wait for the right account number.On his return,hE went straight to the teller as she had assured him that when he returned ,he wouldnt have to join the queue again.The teller should have explained to all instead of ignoring customers.

Any way my point is that these white men are smatter than us, they learn our languages so as to enable themselves settle in and do business whilst most of us go to their countries and come back the same people we were when we left if not worse.



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