One Important Sign You Will Be Unhappy In Your Marriage


There are many red flags to look out for before making your decision about who to marry. While some danger signs are more obvious, others can sneak up on you.

There is, however, one sign you will be unhappy in your marriage and that’s when one important element is missing – the ability to forgive.

Forgiveness as a powerful aspect of marriage

Here’s the thing, we all go into marriage with some form of expectations or another. But the truth is, there will be times we fall short of our partner’s expectations and vice versa. And this is where forgiveness comes in. They will not be perfect and neither will you. But people who find it difficult to forgive will end up holding grudges over all sorts of things and this can quickly lead to resentment.

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If your partner loves to hold on to every single one of your imperfection and throw them at you at any given opportunity, this is a major sign you will be unhappy in your marriage.

Another problem with this is that you will find yourself walking on eggshells around your partner. You feel as if he is making a list of your many missteps so he has some ammunition for a day you have a disagreement. This makes you feel like you’re constantly under a microscope and you will find it difficult to enjoy even the good times.

So before you make a choice, you have watch out for this sign you will be unhappy in your marriage. You have to marry someone who has a forgiving spirit – someone who understands you’re imperfect and who is willing to let go of the little things.

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The only way to really live in the moment and enjoy a happy marriage is if you aren’t feeling like you’re weighed down by your partner’s disapproval.

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