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One Natural way to tackle Acne Pimples



A lot of women suffer from acne pimples. I have used the words interchangeably. Acne pimples is causes partly by impurities that block the pores on the skin. This affects the natural state of the skin and hence you have breakouts.

This is why we are advised to get rid of all makeup applied on the skin. Also, if youa re using any product on your skin that has too much oil (makeup) it is advisable you have a rethink.

There are several products for dealing with acne pimples. We will talk the natural method in this write up. Did you know? It is said that Castor oil equally helps with Acne. It is believed Castor oil cleanses and tightens pores due to its ability to penetrate deeply into the pores & Vitamin E.

Just wash your face to open up your pores OR steam your face.
Expose your face to considerate amount of steam (you can . about this). Please don’t burn your face because of beauty…
Then apply a generous amount of pure cold pressed castor oil.
Leave for some minutes and rinse off.

Also, apply on scars for a fading effect!

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