Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow, I Hate Mediocrity

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Nollywood actress of the Yoruba genre Dayo Amusa in a post on her Instagram says when people call her crazy or foolish she doesn’t get upset with them because she would never bow to the pressure of being average typical and mediocre. Dayo Amusa

The actress who says she always brings something unique to the table all the time and people who question or condemn her are ignorant and can’t blame them because it’s not their fault.

She further posed a question to her fans and followers at the end of her caption asking them, what are they doing differently, what are they changing, as she further left words on the marble for them to ruminate on she said, “Remember, only dead fish go with the flow”.Dayo Amusa

She wrote on Instagram;

“ONLY DEAD FISH GO WITH THE FLOW… Personally, I hate mediocrity! I’ve not and I will never be average or typical. I’m proud to say that whatsoever I bring to the table is always unique. It’s never easy being or doing different, but trust me, it pays.
Truth is some may call me crazy or foolish, I don’t get upset ..It’s not their fault, they are simply ignorant. They are probably so used to the regular that they can’t stand the irregular. What are you doing differently today? What are you changing today?
Remember, only dead fish go with the flow”

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