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OPEN LETTER TO ALL NAIJA ARTISTES:- Your Egungun Should Be Careful – Don’t Expose Nigerians To Coronavirus Because Of Your Selfishness

I think someone needs to say this, because the more we think it’s none of our business, the more we’re posed to Coronavirus invasion in our beloved motherland.

And if by now fear and panic haven’t gripped your heart due to the wide dispersal of this fast-spreading virus called “COVID-19” then you’re not Nigerian enough. Even with just 2 confirmed case in the whole country, we’re already living in fear.


Just yesterday, the WHO Director-general declared Coronavirus as a global pandemic – first of its kind in recent years. A pandemic is a disease epidemic that has spread across a large region; for instance multiple continents, or worldwide.

The main thrust and Intention of this open letter is just to sound a bell of Alarm to all Nigerian A & B-list artistes that have already drawn out a map to embark on an international tour this year to make a rescheduling plan as soon as possible.


I know how disappointing and chagrin it is to have a failed plan, but this is not your fault, you shouldn’t scold yourself – We all know man proposes but God disposes. This is a global threat and every measure of mitigating and safeguarding yourself is allowed.

The Tours, Concerts, Pop-up Shops and any activities or events that require an enormous gathering of people in Europe or countries under coronavirus threats should be avoided by all means, for the sake of the Nation health, PLEASE SUSPEND YOUR PLANS!!!


If a whole Coachella can postpone their globally recognized concert that has already been planned for April 11 to October ( 6 months Apart), Italian Seria A and Spanish La Liga suspended their competitive league, Many football matches played indoor without spectators – Then why are Nigerian artistes not yet cancelling their international tours?

See Some Notable On-going & Soon Tours By Nigerian Artistes;

Davido’s “A Good Time” Tour

Davido is currently on-going in North America, where over 1,282 people in 44 states have been tested positive for the coronavirus


Burna Boy’s “Twice As Tall” Tour

Burna Boy’s “twice as tall tour “which has been scheduled to Kickstart in the month of May and he’ll be touring many Europeans country where the Epidemic case is currently on the rise.

Zlatan’s “Zanku To The World” UK Concert

ZTTW Concert is coming up in the UK also and presently the UK has recorded 460 coronavirus cases and there’s a spike in the cases as many have been quarantined.


I think Nigerian artistes should learn from Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and his wife who got infected with Coronavirus while shooting a movie in Australia.

God no go shame us oo, it will be so unfortunate if Coronavirus hit Nigeria heavily just because of negligence from our favourite artists.


You guys Egungun should be very careful Ooo! Na express una dey go Ooo!

I rest my pen!!!