Oregon dispensaries have reportedly raked in about $11 million after just one week of recreational marijuana sales.

It appears Oregon’s first week has gone very well, dispensary owners have said.

According to KGW, the state will be making a ton of money when pot taxes kick in next year January.

A dispensary called Nectar on Northeast Sandy Boulevard and 33rd Avenue, are already restocking their shelves.

According to the owner, Jeff Johnson, “We’re seeing about 500 people a day.”

The Oregon Retail Cannabis Association said they made about $3.5 million in sales on the first day, October 1, after tallying up sales from its members statewide and factoring in projections.

As it stands, Oregon has made more money in Marijuana sales compared to Colorado’s first week of legal recreational sales, at $5 million.

While it took Washington about a month to make its first $2 million, according to Marijuana Business Daily.

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