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Osun Judiciary Workers Protest Against Chief Judge – Lock High Court

Members of the Judiciary Staff Union (JUSUN) in Osun barricaded the entrance of the state high court in Osogbo, locking out lawyers and litigants on Monday.

Gatekeepers News reports that Chairman of JUSUN, Gbenga Eludire, said the protest was to express dissatisfaction with the chief judge, Oyebola Ojo, and how the judicial affairs in the state are being handled.

The protesters raised placards with inscriptions such as “judiciary staff deserves better”, “we are tired of oppression and stagnation”, “unlawful suspension of judiciary staff without recourse to Judicial Service Commission is barbaric”, among others.

Eludire accused Ojo of suspending workers without following due process, owing allowances and refusing to send workers for statutory training.

He said, “Before now, we have adopted several approaches to at least mend the situation for the chief judge to do the needful.

“But we are left with no other option than to picket her office so that we can amplify our voices for the world to hear about what we are going through as workers in the temple of justice.

“One of the reasons why we are here today to picket the office of the CJ is that some of our members have been suspended for more than three years, running to about 59 months now.

“Why should that be? Even without any recourse to the Judicial Service Commission. Ordinarily, the rule says that for any senior officer to be sanctioned or to be punished, such an officer must pass through an investigation by the Judicial Service Commission.



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