Our Long Distance Relationship Story & Tips


Here’s our long distance relationship story & tips for couples in long distance relationships… Would YOU be in one?
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As a gay British couple who take pride in our boyfriend adventures and vlogs, it was hard to be loving gay boyfriends with a long distance between us. Long distance relationships can be THE WORST, but they also have potential to be THE BEST. One year after meeting on Tinder, Ben received a job offer from Google to work at their European Headquarters, but Jack stayed in London… So, we entered our long distance relationship. We were in a successful long distance relationship for nearly a year, and in this video we give you our story and tips. If you’re a gay couple or LGBT couple, an LDR may be harder because so many people think we’re all in open relationships. BUT before you know it, you’ll be back making a gay boyfriend tag / gay Chapstick challenge / gay couple morning routine / gay couple night routine video. Lol. Communication is key, as is positivity. Good luck!

Love Jack & Ben, your friendly British interracial gay couple 🙂


  1. Actually I am in a long distance relationship since a year now. I am From Canada and he is from the Netherlands. We are ok with that. But now we are working very hard to be together forever.

  2. I have a question: I just lost a long-time friend of over 40 years who I really believe died of a broken heart. His partner of 25 years just up and left and my friend could not handle it. After 10 years in therapy he finally emerged but not totally, refused to do anything that reminded him of his former partner, Christmas, travel etc. I received a very beautiful heartfelt letter from my friend written literally on his deathbed. He seems to be almost great full that the ordeal was over. I wish I could have lived closer to him so I could hold him until his heart healed, but we were separated by 3000 miles most of time. I wish I could have helped him live a longer life, but I could not. Dieing of broken heart is not fable that lives in fairy tales it is a reality.

  3. I've been in a few long distance relationships before and obviously they haven't worked out. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't do it again if it was the right person and we had a great connection. LDR are super super difficult but it does make it worth it in the end when you Can actually be together.


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