Here are some of the bad outdated ideas women have about relationships which they should stop believing in.

1. Having s’εx on a first date destroys your chances of having a real relationship:
The truth is whether you sleep with your date or not, they’ve decided almost immediately if they want to start a real relationship or not.

2. Confident women intimidate men:
Times have changed and men aren’t looking for damsels in distress anymore. Many men appreciate confidence in a woman as long as she doesn’t have a superiority complex.

3. It’s a bad omen if your date doesn’t call you after s’εx the night before:
If you choose to have s’εx with your date and they choose not to call the next day. You don’t have to panic, it doesn’t make you a loser. They wouldn’t have called you too even if you didn’t have s’εx, which simply means it wasn’t a match made in heaven.

4. Your s’εx life dies after marriage:
Well, study has proven that married people have more s’εx than single people or live-in lovers.

5. Opposites attract:
People love to be around other people who share their ideas and beliefs. They bond better when they can agree on a subject.

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