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Outrage as suspected Fulani herdsmen slaughter 36 persons including students in Benue community


Gunmen suspected to Fulani herdsmen attacked Shikaan Mbagena Kpav community in Katsina-Ala Local Government Area of Benue State, killing at least 36 residents. 


It was gathered that the assailants stormed the community in the early hours of Thursday, May 27 and slaughtered the victims including some students of the College of Education, Katsina Ala.




The gruesome massacre has sparked outrage among Nigerians on social media who condemned what they termed ongoing silent \”genocide\” in Benue State.


The hashtag, #BenueUnderAttack is currently trending with many calling on the federal government and security agencies to put an end to killings by marauding herdsmen.


Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw said gory photos emerging from the community has dampened her spirit. 


\”Much as I am trying to focus on other things.. The images of bodies lain on the floor in huge numbers has dampened my spirit somewhat.. Why does life mean nothing in Nigeria? To our rulers?? Too much blood shed….too much, God #BenueUnderAttack\” she wrote. 


\”About 36 persons were killed just yesterday in Benue state, There’s serious genocide going on in Benue state. How long will the people suffer this? Insecurity in the state is at it apex. RETWEET AND PASS IT ON, LET THE WORLD KNOW.\”  a Twitter user wrote.


Another said: \”So after eliminating the TIV Tribe, so who\’s next? Who is next? Because no one would tell me there is no agenda for coordinated & continuous ethnic cleansing in this country. It\’s not just #BenueUnderAttack but #ChristiansUnderAttack I can\’t be mincing words with y\’all.\”


\”There is ethnic cleansing going on in Benue State, but we are deafeningly silent. Hundreds are being killed, and thousands are compelled to flee their homes! Benue is under attack!! \”


Jamal said: \”The pictures are so gory. It is sad that these vulnerable were killed in their homeland by invaders. But to see how they were butchered like cattle evokes a deeper emotion. No one should die like this. #BenueUnderAttack\”


\”As the killings keep rising and nothing substantial is being done, we all in Benue State and the entire Middle Belt may end up losing our lives, our identity and our land if we fail to rise up now! This is a genocide and must be referred to as such!! #BenueUnderAttack\”


Benue First: \”It is not a crime to Live! It is not a crime to come from Benue! Stop the Genocide in Benue! Nigerians, stand up for Benue! Don’t let our basket get empty! Retweet & pass the message please!#BenueUnderAttack\”


\”Fulani Herdsmen Attack on the good people have brazen and unprovoked with villages and communities attacked and razed at night leading which can be described as a genocide and you can Agree with me we\’re Certainly Targetted\”


\”Has the government given immunity to Fulani herdsmen in this country ? They are killing the indigenous occupants of Benue state and nothing is still being done. This is pure Genocide #BenueUnderAttack\”


\”Nigeria is burning more and more everyday and our government is just gonna keep acting without urgency like all is well. How many more people do these herdsmen need to kill before action is taken ? Hundreds of people 1 night ?? I’m sick #BenueUnderAttack\”






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