Outsurance Presenter Katlego Maboe Cheating Confession Video Causes Chaos

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Outsurance Presenter Katlego Maboe Cheating Confession Video Causes Chaos

Outsurance Presenter Katlego Maboe is in hot water after a video of his confession to cheating has gone viral.

Maboe admitted in the video to cheating with Nikita Murray, but he stated that it only happened once at the hotel.

“We went out, we went to my hotel and we slept together,” he said.

Katlego’s wife could be heard fuming in the video although she did not show her face.


She gave Maboe an ultimate to whether, to tell the truth, or to leave everything and not being able to see his child and that’s when Maboe confessed to having cheated with Nikita Murray.

Maboe’s wife also stated that he ruined her life after he infected her with an STD which is now destroying her womb and her chances of having another child.

Katlego Maboe

“I asked you to respect me, you understood that clearly at some point. You destroyed my entire life, you gave me an STD that is destroying my womb and my chances of having another child,” she said.

At the beginning of the video, Katlego Maboe was not eager to disclose the name of the person he cheated with and when his wife gave him the choices to either protect the person or walk away from his child’s life, he had to make the choice and that’s when he confessed.

This morning Katlego is trending on Twitter, here are some the tweets:

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