Passersby lift car to save trapped motorcyclist following accident


Dramatic video shows onlookers and police officers lifting a car to rescue a trapped motorcyclist who was hit in South Carolina. 


Police in Myrtle Beach said the incident happened Saturday afternoon, May 28, along Ocean Boulevard. 


The video shows the car driver hitting two riders on a motorcycle from the rear. The passenger of the motorcycle was knocked off, but the driver of the bike became trapped under the car, along with the bike.


Soon a crowd gathers and police officers arrive. 


Several people then started pushing the car to lift it and free the motorcycle driver. 


\”We are lucky to live and work in a community where everyone is ready to work together to help others,\” police said on their Facebook page.


Authorities arrested the car’s driver and identified him as Johnny Taylor Jr. He was charged with having an open container of alcohol and following too closely.


Police said the driver and passenger of the motorcycle were treated for non-life-threatening injuries at a local hospital.


Watch the video below.


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