Pastor Adeboye Is Trending; This Is Why

The General Overseer of the Redeem Church of God (RCCG), Pastor E A Adeboye is a talking point in the Twitter community.

The reason he ios trending is not far fetched. He had released a video some days ago praying over the coronavirus and urging people to maintain good hygiene as children of God.

Some didn’t find his statement as advise but another prayer and he was criticised for such prayer and advise.

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See the reaction of those that lambasted those who insulted the popular cleric having balanced his prayer with medical advise below.

Perverse knowledge is the coronavirus Nigerians are suffering from.

Pastor Adeboye simply balanced prayer of hope, calling you to Jesus, strengthening your faith and personal hygiene but as always y’all turn a blind eye to the latter.

Carry on 😂

— KẹlẹChi🦹🏾‍♀️ 勇敢_珍贵™ (@PluckyPrecious) March 18, 2020

Honestly, this habit of attacking men of God is getting worrisome. I was shocked to see those replies under his post. Pastor Adeboye only prayed and asked us all to pray. He even mentioned that we should all practice proper hygiene. Nawa

— Dannie🌟 (@holly_della) March 17, 2020

Pastor Adeboye said the Truth and they are all shaking. When you will not read your Bible and live a righteous Life, now your conscience is judging you up and down. Nonsense!!!. Thank you Sir for the word. More Grace Sir🙌!!!

— Oluwafemi (@femyfad) March 18, 2020

I saw pastor Adeboye’s video, I can understand why some of u r triggered.
But there is nothing wrong with positive confessions, I can categorically tell you that prayer works and the word works.
That does not mean you shouldn’t do all the right things, faith without work is dead.

— Aduks (@ProfAduks) March 17, 2020

Same people who come here to insult Pastor Adeboye is the same pple that attend Holy ghost Congress every December n later u will wonder why God is not answering ur prayers? U can’t mock God at all. This men of God pray for the peace we enjoy in this country. #CoronaVirusNigeria

— Riken (@callme_Riken) March 18, 2020

I really don’t get why people are infuriated at what Pastor Adeboye said. some Nigerians have the habit of acting like Pastors are the problem of Nigeria forgetting that they elected some people into political offices.

Bro, have Buhari said anything on Coronavirus?

— I’m Dammy (@AyamDamiee) March 18, 2020

To be honest with you guys,I don’t see any thing wrong with what Pastor Adeboye said. If truly you read your bible and allow the holy spirit to teach you more on that scripture he quoted,you wont find a single fault in it.

— Materialistic Brother (@ife_ego) March 17, 2020

I don’t know what Pastor Adeboye did to deserve this dragging this morning o, where you paid to to this? Did he collect your church members? I don’t know o…

But…Lemme sha not say God will punish you.

— Professional beggar (@Sheddi_younG) March 17, 2020

People abuse Buhari daily but no videos and hot takes on that.
Y’all just have problem in this country.

How does the video Pastor Adeboye released make sense? Aren’t there Christians who have died from this virus?

Christianity sometimes sickens me. 😒

— Ayọ̀kúnlé Paul (@AyokunlePauI) March 17, 2020

So which part of this Pastor Adeboye’s Video is making you angry?

He said Corona Virus will not come near you and people are legit angry about that?

Do you want Corona virus to come near you?

— Osas Cruz (@theOsasCruz) March 18, 2020

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