Pastor Ashimolowo blasts Odumeje, Chris Okafor, says’ they are fakers of miracle (video)

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Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, senior pastor of the Kingsway Church has accused some Nigerians Pastors of Performing Fake miracles, (Odumeje, Pastor Chris Okafor, others), describing them as Charlatans and fakers of miracle.

In an Instagram live session with Lagos clergyman, Poju Oyemade, Ashimolowo said the church in Nigeria has to be careful of these ”fakers of miracles” who are all after their belly.

According to him, there are pastors in Nigeria who were using the woman with a ”broken hand” to perform miracles in their churches. (Pastor Chris Okafor and others)

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He also spoke about controversial Anambra Prophet, Odumeje, who is known for throwing money at his congregation while preaching and his congregation also spraying money at him in return.

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He said: ”We now have charlatans in the land who will be claiming the miraculous and they are just liars, faking it. I am sure you heard of the lady whom they were passing to one another who would be dramatising her hand because the nation wants to see the miraculous, they want to see the supernatural. The young men who were born in the fire of genuine revival need to be very careful or else all these guys who are just fakers of miracles who their God is their belly, they become the one that distracts.

“They have one in Anambra. People throw money at him in his service. It’s unbelieveable. You would be wondering is this church” he said.

The Woman with Broken Arm
Prophet Odumeje spraying money in church

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