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Paul Pogba admits to using witchcraft, but not to curse Kylian Mbappe

According to The Mail on Sunday, Paul Pogba has admitted to investigators in the blackmail case, for which his brother and several others are being held, that he did use a witchcraft, as Mathias said. He made it clear, however, that it was not to cast an evil eye on Kylian Mbappé or any other footballer, but as protection against injury.

The ‘Pogba case’ is in the hands of the justice system and it is becoming increasingly complicated. Paul Pogba’s brother, Mathias, is in custody, but that didn’t stop him from giving his side of the story in a post he made on Twitter.

Mathias Pogba spoke about his brother in detail. He again accused him of having used magic to cast an evil eye on Mbappe during the 2019 Champions League round of 16 between PSG and United. “The wichcraft told him he had to stop at the risk of destroying his career,” he revealed.

‘The Mail On Sunday’ claims that Pogba has reportedly confessed to investigators working on his case that he did indeed use a witchcraft, although he denied having done so in order to curse Mbappe.

Pogba, according to this source, reportedly explained that he went to a witchcraft in search of “protection from injury”. Also to “help poor children in Africa”.

The media revealed Pogba’s comments on the assault he suffered in Paris in March, when hooded men demanded more than 12 million euros from him. “I was scared. Two guys pointed their guns at me. I told them I would pay, as they were holding me at gunpoint. They shouted at me: ‘Shut up, look down’,” the newspaper reports.

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