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“Pencil skirt and waterfall coat”



“The color of grace has greater clarity on the canvas of chaos.” – Robert Madu

ZARA top – (old)
H&M skirt (old) – Absolutely love this option!
DSW heels – (sold out)
BOOHOO waterfall sleeveless coat

I was reading an interview of the talented Shonda Rhimes in Instyle Magazine and she said something that struck me: When asked which of her accomplishments she’s most proud of, she answered that other than her kids, she’s most proud of the empire that she has created and she went on to say that: “Women never say ‘I did this thing and it’s awesome.’ We are always very self deprecating. We almost never own our victories.”  When I read that, I could absolutely relate. In fear of sounding self-centered, we tend not to talk about our accomplishments nor do we express how proud we are of ourselves. We ought to celebrate us and own our victories just as we own our weaknesses. Modesty does not need to equate self-deprecation.

With that said, I am in love with this look which I wore to work earlier this week. I love how effortlessly classy it comes off thanks to my newest purchase, the Olivia waterfall sleeveless coat from Boohoo. I initially saw it on another blogger and when I realized how inexpensive it was, I did not hesitate to order a couple of them the very same day. I highly recommend this jacket. Considering the price tag ($35!), I’d say the quality is superb. It feels like wool and keeps you pretty warm during the fall months and will double flawlessly as a layering piece over your winter coats. I also ordered the khaki green version which I can’t wait to show you guys. To finish the look, I accessorized with this bedazzled burgundy hat which worked well against the same color stripes of my top and also the color of my hair.

“Pencil skirt and waterfall coat”“Pencil skirt and waterfall coat”“Pencil skirt and waterfall coat” “Pencil skirt and waterfall coat” “Pencil skirt and waterfall coat” “Pencil skirt and waterfall coat” “Pencil skirt and waterfall coat” “Pencil skirt and waterfall coat”“Pencil skirt and waterfall coat”

Thanks for checking out my Versicolor Closet. I hope you enjoyed these photos and are inspired to bring out your inner diva this fall season.

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Until next time beauties,


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