Peter Okoye:In War Of Words With Brother


Things are no longer at ease in the camp of pop singers, PSquare as Peter Okoye has sacked the music group manager of many years, Jude Okoye who is the elder brother of the pop duo.

Peter who has been on a business trip in the United Kingdom said midweek that he can no longer keep quiet about his challenge with the management style of their brother. He also denounced the service of his brother warning that anybody who continues to do business with him on behalf the music group does so at their peril.

Expectedly this has triggered a shockwave of . among their fans who have taken to the social media to appeal for calm.

Jude Okoye’s response came less than 12 hours after, telling Peter to seek for prayers as that is his problem. Jude who owns Northside Entertainment did not respond on the dismissal but chided his junior brother asking fans to pray for him.

The family has been going through a rough patch since the death of their mother few years ago. Until her death, she was widely regarded as the stabilizing factor for the brothers.

Jude who is the elder brother of the twins, Peter and Paul has been managing their affairs for the past 10 years.

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