News reports have revealed how a group of pros titutes as well as their clients had been paraded stark na ked on the streets of Russia following a police raid at their quaters.

The group made up of 11 pros titutes had reportedly been forced to walk naked through the city centre by the police before they had been taken away in police cars.

The girls’ walk of shame as they had shed tears was reportedly filmed by passersbys in St Petersburg, Russia, after a successful police raid on an illegal brothel in the city’s historic Vasilyevsky Island.

The reports further reveal that all the girls who had been working at the brothel had been arrested as were their clients, although three men had managed to escape through a back door.
Daily Mail reports that the group had been marched na ked through five city blocks before being put into the police cars which had taken them to the police station.

An eye-witness says:
“Police burst into the building and a little while later left with na ked and crying pros titutes.”

It is also reported that the brothel was alleged to be responsible for a flood in the apartment below.


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