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[Photos] 4 Skin Care Tips To Looking Better In A Bikini



Get ready to have the best looking bod on the beach, here are are 4 top tips to get a smooth skin and look better in a bikini

Sleek up your skin

First off, you need to exfoliate the day before you go to the beach or pool to avoid irritation from the sun. Apply lotion within a couple of minutes for extra shine.

bikini body fashionpheeva 16-09-2015.JPG2

Detox your face

Keep your skin clean don’t forget to have your bath before bed. Use a salicylic acid-based cleanser to remove dead skin cells and kill bacteria in pores.

bikini body fashionpheeva 16-09-2015.JPG1

Fight the fuzz

You should shave at the end of your shower, when skin is softest and hair follicles are loose.

bikini body fashionpheeva 16-09-2015.JPG3

Shrink cellulite

There are endless filters when it comes to photos, but you can actually reduce the appearance of dimples right now. Caffeine-infused creams are your best bet for temporarily deflating fat cells and tightening skin.



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