Here are some beauty hacks you can use to save them time and effort that don’t cost a lot of money..
1. To give your hair more texture and volume, rinse it through with Coca Cola to give it more of natural look

beauty hacks fashionpheva

2. Stop your hair drying out in the shower, coat the bottom half of your hair with mayonnaise and that stops it from drying out too much.

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3. When you don’t have your usual shampoo at hand, mix 2 or 3 eggs in the bowl and wash your hair with this substance, when you massage it into your hair you will notice that it will even make a foam. After, rinse it as usual and apply your conditioner. But if you want to go all natural or you don’t have a conditioner at hand, then you can mix 3 table spoons of vinegar with 1 litter of water

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4. Cut the lemon in two parts and dip your fingers inside, so that all your nails enter. Keep it for 10 minutes, this will strengthen your nails and prevent their fragility.

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