(Photos) Beauty Tips: 7 Sleep Habits That Damage Our Hair And Skin


You know how they say beauty never sleeps? Well this saying is true because even when you are asleep, your skin and hair still needs attention and our sleep habits can put a dent into some of our beauty efforts. You might spend tons on your beauty regiments but sleeping wrong can ruin all of that. See how below

Not washing your face before bed –


I cannot overemphasize how important it is that you remove all your makeup before going to bed. You need to wash off all the dirt ad grime of the day away so commit a few minutes each evening to using your fingers to work a cleansing product onto your skin in small, circular motions.

 Not changing your pillowcases often enough –

pilllowcase fashion pheeva

How often do you wash or change your pillwocases? It might sound like a ridiculous question to ask but can you imagine the zillions of bacteria that it can accumulate which causes for dogged pores? Make sure to change it once or twice weekly and more so if you are acne prone.

Using rough pillowcases –

pillowcase fashion pheeva

Still talking about pillowcases, some pillowcases come cheap but is the price worth your beauty? For the sake of your skin and hair, you may want to splurge just a bit when it comes to pillowcases. Use silk or satin pillowcases, which minimize permanent creases and compression marks on the face.

Not using the right overnight skincare products –

night time cream fashion pheeva

for those that use nighttime skin like hydrating cream or mask, find the type for your skin and give your face that extra boost of moisture.

Sleeping on our stomachs or sides –

sleeping on stomach fashion pheeva

Many of us are guilty as charged. We just can’t help rolling onto our stomach or side while asleep even if we originally slept off on our back. Sleeping on your side or stomach can cause compression wrinkles: fine lines that form on the skin when there’s too much pressure. It also causes puffy eyes because those positions can cause fluid to pool.

Leaving our hair loose when we sleep –

loose hair fashion pheeva

Bedtime seems like the best time to let our hair down but leaving your hair totally loose on your pillow can transfer oil from the pillowcase to your skin so it is a better option to braid your hair instead.

Not getting enough sleep –

Woman Sleeping in Bed

The importance of getting a good night rest cannot be overflogged. It is good for our general well being as well as luminous skin. Strive to get between seven and nine hours of sleep every night.



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