Lilian Esoro and Ubi Franklin sure had a one fantastic wedding yesterday, take a peek at their second outfit at the reception.

The couple had the second part of their traditional wedding after their white wedding today .The first traditional ceremony was for her family and culture. They are wearing the traditional Efik attire.

Photos Below:

ubililian2015 fashionpheeva.JPG8

ubililian2015 fashionpheeva.JPG9

ubililian2015 fashionpheeva.JPG114

ubililian2015 fashionpheeva.JPG113

ubililian2015 fashionpheeva.JPG112

ubililian2015 fashionpheeva.JPG11

ubililian2015 fashionpheeva.JPG6

ubililian2015 fashionpheeva.JPG5

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ubililian2015 fashionpheeva.JPG7

ubililian2015 fashionpheeva.JPG01

ubililian2015 fashionpheeva.JPG02

ubililian2015 fashionpheeva.JPG4

ubililian2015 fashionpheeva.JPG2

ubililian2015 fashionpheeva.JPG1