The Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week is the biggest fashion show in Lagos with multi talented fashion designers showcasing their designing skills on the runway.

The show which started on the 28th of October will end on the 31st of October.

Checkout some of the Creative Designs we have selected for you below:

Creative Designs By Fayoriuz l’original finalists

LFDW-1 FashionpheevaLFDW-2 FashionpheevaLFDW-3 FashionpheevaLFDW-4 FashionpheevaLFDW-5 FashionpheevaLFDW-6 Fashionpheeva

Creative Designs By AkposOkudu

LFDW-8 FashionpheevaLFDW-9 FashionpheevaLFDW-7 Fashionpheeva

Creative Designs By OrenteAyaba

LFDW-12 Fashionpheeva LFDW-11 Fashionpheeva LFDW-10 Fashionpheeva





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