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[Photos] How To Shape Your Finger Nails.



While trendy finger nail shapes have found their way onto our fingertips, there is one safe way to know what shape works best.

The best way to shape your nails is by using a nail file, if you’re taking off a lot of length, filing alone would take a long time so you can use clippers. Once you’ve reached your desired nail length, the next step is to figure out the nail shape that works best for you.  Check out the shape of your cuticles. Are they curved, squared, or squared with rounded edges? This is an easy indicator of what nail shape will work best. The three most common nail shapes are square, oval, and squoval—a mix between an oval nail and a square nail. Less common nail shapes include the classic round nail shape and the stiletto, or pointed, nail shape.

nails fashionpheeva

Oval Nails
This nail shape isn’t as strong as the square because the sides are filed down, but the oval nail shape gives wide nail beds a more feminine appearance. Oval nails are best for short fingers because it replicates the shape of the finger and gives a longer appearance.

Round Nails
This nail shape is for those that are constantly working with their hands and need to keep a short nail, this is the best bet.

Square Nails
This is the sturdiest nail shape, it won’t slice steel in two, but it won’t break as easily either. This nail shape works best for long fingers with a wide nail bed.

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Squoval Nails
Not quite a square nail, but not quite an oval nail. This is also a strong nail choice since the majority of the nail is as wide as the nail bed, similar to square nails. This nail shape is flattering on any finger length.

Almond Nails
For a lady-like nail, the almond shape is the way to go. The almond nail shape elongates fingers and adds a feminine flare to shorter fingers.

Stiletto Nails
The stiletto nail, also known as a pointed nail, it’s also the nail shape choice for those looking for a long and slender look to their hands. It is however the weakest nail shape and is often seen done on acrylic or gel nails to avoid damaging natural nails.

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