Miss KATE is a confirmed final year Uni-lag student, and has slept with more than 15 Ministers in Nigeria…..A close friend of Kate has leaked this information to us telling us of her dealings with Politicians in Nigeria.

The problem now is that, she has been complaining to her friend that her [email protected] has been dripping milk since her last operation with one of her clients, and effort to stop the Milk from dripping has been unsuccessful as it is suspected to be a ritual case. May God help her…..Amen. The issue of Runz among our girls this days is something else, as bbm, . and whatsapp has made there trade very easy for them! even married women and girls below 18 have all joined the bizness of Runz.

The Question is? Will this ever stop? And What is the Government doing to stop this shameful bizness ? Coz guys are complaining, saying there are no good and loyal girls anymore.



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