You can make your own nail polish color by mixing together a few existing nail polish colors to create a new or different color, here’s how.

nail color mixture fashionpheeva.JPG52

Get a paper plate to use as your mixing palette.

nail color mixture fashionpheeva.JPG4

Pour a drop or two of the lighter shade onto the paper. Add a drop of the darker shade on top. Mix with the toothpick or the end of a small makeup brush

nail color mixture fashionpheeva

Keep adding a lighter or darker shade until you reach a shade you like.

nail color mixture fashionpheeva.JPG2

Write down your nail recipe for example: “Two parts dark to one part light.”

nail color mixture fashionpheeva.JPG3

Pour an appropriate amount of the lighter polish into an empty nail base container, add the darker shade to match the color obtained in your sample.

Mix until the polish is uniform.

Test the polish on one of your fingernails and let it dry to make sure you like it.