Your Wedding Day is one of the most important and memorable days of your life so by following these pre-wedding do’s and don’ts, you will be successful at your pre-wedding planning.

Pre-Wedding Do’s 

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– Be supportive of your fiancés wedding planning requests, if she wants you to help her decide on what colour icing for the cake or asks you to go shopping with her to find favours for your guests, then make a concerted effort to help her. Remember that her special day only happens once and she will love and appreciate your efforts for years to come.

– As the groom, you will have your own responsibilities and decisions to make for the wedding. Ask your fiancé for a list of your responsibilities and get them completed ahead of time. Wedding planning is stressful, so by doing your bit, you will be taking a lot of the pressure off her shoulders.

Pre-Wedding Don’ts

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The Bachelor party, if your groomsmen are organising one for you, it is safe to say that-

It must not be organised a day before the wedding – a hangover does not sit well with a nervous bride about to commit her life to you

You should organise a responsible friend to make sure that you get home safely