A shocking video with a dancer holding the block up and then abruptly dropping it onto her intimate area has surfaced online.

There’s nothing the performer wouldn’t do to grab audience attention! This female dancer raised a few eyebrows with her dancing moves, private parts and unexpectedly building blocks.

The 13-second video clip shows a young woman lying on the ground, while repeatedly hitting herself in the groin area with the full size block until it breaks into pieces.

As if nothing had happened, the performer continues her dance on the smashed remains, to loud applause from the cheering crowd.

Health authorities raised concerns about dangerous dance stunts

Dr Jephthah Ford commented on the dangeous dance stunt: “The pubic bone could damage the skin above the va gina. If the skin hits against the bone, it can cut against the surface. It can cause laceration secondary to blunt trauma. Bleeding under the skin may occur in the form of Haematoma and she could end up with inflamation.”

The video, posted on December 3, has already been viewed thousands of times and shared by more than 13,000 Internet users.

Watch video:


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