When it comes to wedding photographs every newlywed couple want something extraordinary and unique but some of them go too far!

Jay Philbrick is a professional wedding photographer who offers couples to test their love and trust by putting their lives in each other’s hands.

And some daredevils are ready to take the challenge, bride and groom Christie Sulkoski and Kevin Coleman, are one of them. 

To test their new marriage to the limit they called Mr Philbrick and agreed to hang off the cliff in their full wedding outfits for the jaw-dropping pictures.

Bride Christie leans back from the rocky ledge as her new husband grips her hand tightly. Both are tied into a hidden anchor on the ledge so there's no danger of slipping

Jay, who worked as a mountain guide for years, sets up shoots in the most weird and wonderful locations, including ice cliffs, steep snow slopes and even underwater.

Jay claims not to go 'looking for trouble' but sets up shoots in the most weird and wonderful locations, including ice cliffs, steep snow slopes and even underwater

Speaking about his passion he said: ‘They are all fun but have their own special challenges, they usually come off without a hitch. We don’t go looking for trouble.

Jay says he's always been attracted to contrasts of a beautiful subject in a stark or unlikely location and cliff ledges seemed like the perfect location for shooting portraits

I was a climbing guide for a long time and have had extensive training in risk management, client care, rope work, avalanche hazards, and so on. So, these are all environments we have a lot of experience in.


Once the couple is in place, I direct them into different poses and shoot from different locations and angles with different lenses to get a variety of looks. I am often hanging off the side of the cliff and am sometimes to the side, right above, or even on the same ledge with them.

One bride went for a Frozen style theme for her shoot, posing in an icy cavern on the side of a cliff

For most of the images we try to use posing and camera angle to hide the ropes and anchors, there is no Photoshop whenever possible. Sometimes something sticks out a little due to an oversight and I remove it in post, but I try really hard to just have all the safety gear hidden.”

wedding northern lights

For each photo session, Jay is aaccompanied by his wife Vicki and they occasionally take a third mountain guide to help with lighting.

jay philbrcik

His portfolio include models, pageant queens, and dancers, all looking for extreme photographic adventure!


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