How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Dress #3Hi Ladies,

How many of you have weddings to attend this Easter weekend?! thats right you do! ?

Below are a list of other factors to take note of.

Stay cool.

If you make an appointment to try on dresses and none of them seem to look right, just breathe, go home, and schedule an appointment for a later date. Remember, you are free to leave whenever you want to. This appointment is about you, not anyone else.

Choose a dress that matches your personality.

For example, if you are shy and quiet, it would not be wise to pick a crazy, revealing, showy dress, and vice versa. Now, if that is what you want, it’s your day. Just keep in mind that this may shock and confuse people. Instead of thinking of how beautiful you look in the dress, they may be focused on figuring out why you chose it.

When you try on dresses, be honest with yourself.

Don’t be prejudiced against any certain dress just because you didn’t like the style initially. Be open-minded, and try new things. You may be surprised with the results.

Figure out what your fiancé likes before you choose a style.

After all, he essentially is the one you are dressing up for. Generally speaking, he is the one you want to impress.

Throughout the wedding process, start practicing relaxation techniques.

These can be tremendously helpful in controlling wedding-. stress and breakdowns.

Stay in control of your appointment.

If your bridal consultant isn’t listening, or your entourage is trying to tell you what to do, don’t silently take it. Let them know that they’re doing this. Don’t be harsh or rude about it; just be upfront and honest.

Now let’s take a look at things you should definitely NOT do while picking out a wedding dress.

DON’T try to please everyone else. Their opinions should be taken in account, but this is your day.

DON’T buy dress that is too small with the goal of losing weight. If you lose weight, you can alter it easily. However, it is not so easy to make a dress a size bigger.

DON’T buy a dress that you didn’t try on first. Although it has worked for some people, most people aren’t as lucky.

DON’T try on a dress that is above your price range. It only leads to heartbreak.


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