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PLEASE ADVICE: ''My Roommate Is Sleeping With Our Landlord, Should I Tell The Landlord’s Wife?''



A true life story and I know little about the story. Read below:

“I’m so confused, I don’t know what to do. My roommate is dating our landlord and they do have s.ex under the same roof we are living. We are students but we live off campus.

Our landlord should be in his 40s and he is married with 2 kids, our landlord and his family lives in the same building with us. The first day I knew they were dating was when I caught them making love in our room although I’ve been suspecting their movement before I caught them together.

My roommate confessed to me that she’s dating him and they’ve been going out for over 4 months now.

My problem now is our landlord’s wife is a very nice woman, she’s one of the most nicest people I’ve ever met, she gives us food, money and she treats us like her sisters. I still remember the last time I misplaced N3200 for my medical in school, it was our landlord’s wife that gave me N4000 to pay for it and she has also helped this my roommate countless time.

Knowing my friend and my landlord doing extra ordinary is giving me guilty conscience each time I see the landlord’s wife. Do you think I should tell the landlord’s wife?” 



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