Please I really need serious advice on this issue. My Uncle, (my dad’s younger brother) raped me.

It all happened on a Friday night some months back, when we had a vigil in my church. He called me and asked me to come over to his house and that I shouldn’t tell my parents. I didn’t know what came over me that day because he had earlier made moves to me when he came on a visit. He met only me at home then, and when he tried to touch me I slapped him and he walked away angrily, I just didn’t know what came over me that Friday night, that I left the vigil and went to his house.

On reaching there he forced me in bed and deflowered me. I never disclosed it to my parents. I was having strange feelings in my body and I decided to go for a test in the hospital fearing it was malaria. After the test, the result showed that I was 6 weeks pregnant. I called him to let him know and he asked me to abort it.

Later he called me to tell me he was really sorry, that it was his friend that gave him something to put in his mouth and whatever he says or whoever he talks to would obey him. And he also said that he used it on me. Am really confused and I have not told my parents. I am scared to commit an abortion, and I can’t give birth to the child and be a rival to his wife or a step mother to his children…

Please I need some advice…am 20. Thanks 


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