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“Please say a prayer for them” Korra Obidi’s sister confirms the dancer and her husband are having a marriage crisis


Korra Obidi’s sister, Nancy Umeh, has called on well-meaning people to pray for her sister’s marriage. 


Nancy, a cookware brand founder, took to her Instagram Stories to confirm that her sister’s marriage is in crisis. 


She said “it’s inevitable to go through these phases in marriage” and she called on people to “take one minute to say a prayer for them if you can”.


She added that “this period is quite stretching for both of them”.


Nancy also explained that those close to the couple were “up all day/night trying to work things out” and she is “positive that everything will be fine in the end”.



Justin Dean, who shares two daughters with dancer Korra Obidi,  announced hours ago that he is divorcing his wife just a week after she gave birth to their second child (read here). He added that it is not a prank (read here).

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