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 Here is a fresh take on the plus size fashion, there is nothing like throwing on simple pieces and still come out looking glamorous. Here’s GabiFresh looking alive in this fabulous looking pieces

Gabifresh has managed to make a simple looking leather stretchy pants look classy, this classic casual look gives you a refreshing and comfortable feel and the fact that it is stylish enough to get you into any event is everything.


Black White


This look is comfortable and exciting because of the addition of the disco platforms, I love the entirety of this ensemble and the shirt Tee dress is just adorable.



This culotte from demestriks line is simply gorgeous, this look is certainly not a domestic look.



The design of this jumpsuit is amazing and it fits perfectly, its not overwhelming in any way, rather it is elegant and classy.



This cute statement dress from is amazingly gorgeous, the floral touch is simply beautiful.



Okay its safe to say Gabifresh is a fashion slayer, she took this look to a whole new level and am in love with the fabulosity of this ensemble.



Love or Hate Gabifresh sure has some amazing looks, you don’t have to be a plus size diva to mimic gabi’s look, anybody can pull this off with the right peices.



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