I recently relocated to Lagos on transfer and got a two bedroom apartment around Marryland.

There is this my cousin who joined me two months ago to study at the Open University. I decided to give her one room in my apartment since I am not married yet.

To cut the story short, I just discovered that she is a lesbian. A very serious lesbian who toasts other girls including married women. But this girl is not up to 25years.

She brings girls/women to my house for se.xual escapades.

At first I thought they are just ordinary friends, it was later that I discovered what they do.

I thought of talking to her about it but when I found out she is the “man” not the “woman”, (she is the man that chases after the girls), then I knew that my advice to her will never work.

I talked to one of my friends, he said that my personal prayers will never cross my ceiling since I am in a house where abomination is being committed.

If I send her away, where will she go? If I talk to her about it, it will be pouring water on a stone, she will never stop.

Please people, a good advice is urgently needed as I don’t want this atrocity to continue in my house.

NB. For your judgement, me and this girl are blood-.. 


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