A boy has been arrested for theft and trespassing after the police received complaints from a community.

According to a Police warrant, the 2-year-old boy identified as Ravi, was listed along with three other adults for theft and trespassing.

In India, a child under 7 years of age cannot be charged with a crime under the law, however the police went to Ravi’s house and told the father that his 2-year-old boy was wanted for  trespassing and theft.

The child was not home at the time but was asked to be presented by the father. So the father later took Ravi to the Uttar Pradesh District Court, and explained to senior police officers that his child was only 2 years old and could not have committed the crimes he was charged with.

The Senior officers agreed, and Ravi’s name was withdrawn from the complaint.

The other suspects who were accused of theft, trespassing at night and dishonestly receiving stolen property were then arrested and charged.


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