Police man gets stuck while ‘chopping’ someone’s wife in a hotel -Watch

Police man gets stuck while ‘chopping’ someone’s wife in a hotel -Watch

Day in day out mind blowing news keeps hitting us and trust me this very one is a very disturbing one. Not too long ago, a video of two lovers glued together while having s3x set tongues wagging on social media.

In the video which went viral, the lover man said to eyewitnesses present at the scene, who tried to separate lovers, that they should cover up his secret and embarrassment.

His requests were immediately rebuffed by several spanks to his face while still glued to his lover…. Continue reading

Well, same incident has just happened in Nairobi (Kenya) after a police officer reportedly lost his life when sleeping with a married woman in a hotel.

According to information shared by Radio Maisha presenter, Billy Miya, the police officer was having some nice time in a lodging with the married woman when the unexpected happened.

The police officer got stuck while eating the forbidden fruit and reportedly died.

Shortly after, his fellow police officers came and carried the body to the mortuary and arrested the woman he was sleeping with for further interrogation.