Police Visit Oja Bee’s Mother After She Was Slapped By An Officer

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Mrs. Durojaiye Olaleye, the mother of Oxlade’s manager, Ojah Bee, who was slapped by a Police Officer was visited by some top management members of the Nigerian Police.

Ojah Bee was arrested on Monday, during a peaceful #EndSARS protest and her mum went to the police station to plead on her son’s behalf so he can be released.

However, upon arriving at the station with her daughter Tolu, a police officer approached her from behind and landed a heavy slap on her face without a reason, when she was exchanging greetings with other officers.

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She said,

It is our duty as a family to go to a police station and ask about our people in their custody. We need to know whether they will release them on bail, so that we can arrange for a lawyer or that they are taking them to court,

They must give us details of what to do. If they are arraigning them, they need to tell us the court so that we will meet them at the court. That was the reason why we went there. I went them with two of my sisters that our people have been arrested since 1 p.m. and this was to 6 p.m.

I was wondering that where is the entrance to this police station then I saw a small gate with a small table there and I said that must be where we’re supposed to ask and they will tell us what to do.

As we were about going to that place, we just heard a commanding tone behind us that “all of you, get out of this place.” As I looked back to check what was happening, I heard the slap ‘gboah’

She further said;

“We had not even mentioned anything before he slapped me. What did I do wrong? What is it? He slapped me again.

The police that were around just gathered together to hold him back and he started struggling with them and he came back again and gave me another slap”

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In the latest development, Tolu took to Twitter and revealed that some delegates from the Police Force visited her mum to beg her for forgiveness.


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