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Poll Shows The Sex Position Women Love The Most



If you’ve been trying out gymnastic moves in the bedroom to impress your lover, you might have been waisting your time.

Positions like Reverse Cowgirl might seem adventurous and fun, but a whopping 39% of women polled said they secretly hate this awkward move.

A recent survey . Skyn Condoms asked 2,827 women aged 18-34 “what’s your favourite position?”

Results revealed Missionary was a clear winner with 30.90% of the votes. And according to s*x experts, women get the most pleasure from this s*x position.

Ladies surveyed said they loved the closeness and the intimacy of having their partner’s weight on them.

Following closely behind (pun intended) was Doggy Style with 27.5% of ladies saying it is their favourite move.

Cowgirl claimed third place with 17.90% and Reverse Cowgirl and Standing were voted the least popular.

Thankfully men answered with similar results when asked the same question. Men’s favourite s*x positions were also Missionary and Doggy, but not in that order.

A staggering 34% of guys said Doggy was their first choice, while 18% picked Missionary.

So basically, if you chop and change between those two you can’t go wrong!

.: Daily Star

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