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Portable question Egyptian who said he doesn’t understand English

Habeeb Okikiola, a contentious musician better known by his stage name Portable Omolalomi, has shared his experience with some Egyptian followers.

The “Zazu Zeh” artist recently took a plane to the nation of North Africa for his concert, which is set for September 23.

However, Portable took to the streets of Cairo, the nation’s capital, and spent some time with Egyptians who were eager to see him.

Speaking, Portable said that he is the most talked-about “Zazu” and asked one of the men if he had heard of “Zazuu.”

Have you heard about Zazu? I’m Zazu,” he said.

In response, the Egyptian man stated that he doesn’t understand English only Arabic.

Portable then went on to ask him if he didn’t go to school.

In his words:

“You don’t go school? you no go school?”

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