Post-Birth Experience Is Never Easy On Women

Popular Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham has revealed that post-birth experience for women is a hard and terrifying experience.

Toyin Abraham

The actress who recently welcomed her child with husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi shared her experience on Instagram.

She explained that it was a stressful and emotional time for her; the loss of weight, the breastfeeding and other associated issues.

Toyin Abraham wrote, “Let me use the occasion to tell the story of how filming Fate of Alakada was challenging. It was really an emotional and stressful moment for me. It was when I just gave birth to The Incredible Ireoluwa. I was heavy, weigh down with pregnancy fat, still breast feeding, sluggish and still trying to get my groove back.

“Sometimes, my husband had to bring Ire to location to breast feed, I was generally just coming back into my own acting-wise.

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“Many times I wanted to break down but thanks to the support system I had, post-birth experience is never easy on women. People around new mothers should learn how to make life easier for them. It is easy for new mothers to experience depression if they lack enough love. Filming Fate of Alakada was the most challenging thing I’ve done production wise.”

Photo Credit: Instagram

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