Corporate Drapes #293: Power Dressing!Power dressing is the practice of dressing in a style intended to show that one holds an important position in business, politics, etc. It has no defined method, but the whole idea of power dressing is to be stylish enough to represent yourself and your position!

A statement blazer speaks volume about your appearance when you hit the office; an elegant tulle skirt would tell how fancy you are, and a lady with a co-ordinate suit is not your person you want to mess with at all!

Change your style game and be a real power dresser because you just might be influencing someone positively!

Check out these hot ladies!

Onomasebueee (Credit via Instagram @yeyeogeh1)

Look 1: Don’t mess with a woman in a co-ord set! Yeye slays!!

Cassandra (Credit via Instagram @casseybassey)

Look 2: Spick and span! Let your game be lit!

Sandra Mazibuiko (Credit via Instagram @fabrostyling)

Look 3: Spot a lady in tulle and let me show you she’s a style star!

Tanyia (Credit via Instagram @sassytanyia)

Look 4: Your poise tells how much power you have inside!

Stella Uzo (Credit via Instagram @jadorefashion)

Look 5: Prints for power any time any day! Stella has the perfect style for every cloth!


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