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Premature small size now turned to a long lasting Big size. Bulldoze your Woman into Sexual submission with Natural Nafdac Approved B. Bulldozer”

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The solution so baffled me that I couldn’t help but penning down this article to also spread the good news on how others can take advantage




If anyone told me I would be a victim of rejection someday, I’ll spit on their face.

As a handsome guy, I had ladies flocking all around me but there was one, whom I loved so much.

I’m Jude, she is Ada.

My father happens to be a senior pastor of a church in Abuja (name, withheld for personal reasons), so I should say that my siblings and I have, considerably, good moral upbringing.

Fornication was one of the things we were severely warned never to indulge in.

This had always helped me to overcome the temptation from ladies and those who managed to come closer were there only for other things we shared and never for sex.


Then came Ada whom I truly loved.



When I found her, I felt that she was not properly educated so I sent her to the university after proposing to her.

Years later, while we were preparing for our wedding, Ada started demanding for sex like her life depended on it.

But each time, I insisted on my NO.

She would not give up. Ada kept on trying until I fell like Adam into the garden of forbidden fruits.

Her temptation on Valentine s day last year was exceptionally different, too hot for any man with flesh and blood to resist.

I know that if penis was a commodity in the market. She wouldn’t mind spending her last kobo to get me a decent one.

Not just about the sorry small size now… but the fact that I fall into the group Timaya would call “indomie men” 🙁

I definitely couldn’t perform like Guys that exchange Krest for Breast

My Rod couldn’t stand for Ass

The excitement alone made me shoot my Yogurt

Even before I could enter the Promise Land




Two heavy problems… bedeviled my dick – small manhood and not being able to last more than 5 minutes.

I could not have known what the world feels about a man with inadequate penis if I was not one.

Every other guy I saw was different.

Somehow, I felt like I was not truly a man each time I saw them with mighty and adventurous dick.

How can I be a man with barely 4 inch cucumber?


I often wondered if God made mistake in conception or what?

Suddenly, it became clear to me that even if I make all the money in this world, my joy would never be complete with that kind of inadequate man meat.

It was at this point that I started making efforts to get solutions to this problem.

At the same time, I was extra careful not to go for the wrong solution, that might come with a side effect later.

Ada was obviously disappointed and her long awaited love making ended abruptly.

All of a sudden, our wedding arrangements became shaky. She wasn’t certain about anything again.It became so obvious that she wanted to have sex with me before wedding, so as to feel my odogwu



Finally, she summoned courage to break the bad news.


“Jude, I’ve not found the right way to say this, but please we just have to cancel this wedding. I don’t think I can cope.” She texted to my phone.

To me, nothing had ever sounded this bad.

Ada wants me to go and tell the world that the wedding for which I invited them was no longer going to hold.


If I must do this, what will I say was the reason for the cancellation?

It was a tragedy too hard to recover from. A tragedy my inadequate sausage and my 2 minute-ness brought upon me.

For several years afterwards, I was too scared to approach any other lady for marriage.

I’m a shy type.

It was not easy for me to tell people the problem that was eating me inwardly. But age was not waiting for me either and I was increasingly getting frustrated.

So, like a miracle… a solution came my way.



Any time I have the chance of sharing this very solution, I can’t stop thanking God.


Hence, I made a decision to create a platform through which I can share this 100% NAFDAC approved solution with any man out there that’s currently suffering from both or any of the issues of small penis and or premature ejaculation.


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We are afraid of speaking out because of the frightening insecurity – Christian council of Nigeria

Archbishop Tunde Adeleye, the chairman of the Christian Council of Nigeria in the south-south has revealed that the church is afraid of speaking out against the ills affecting the country because of the insecurity challenge witnessed across the country. 


Recalling how his predecessor was kidnapped and how junior pastors in the diocese he heads are attacked, the Archbishop for Anglican Church diocese for Niger Delta told journalists that there is an intimidation of the church and they are nursing the wounds inflicted on her. 


“The too many kidnappings and killings of pastors in Nigeria have become very worrisome. There is frightening insecurity even to the stage that the church has become afraid to speak out anymore. There is intimidation of the church.  A handful is still talking, but the church is nursing the wounds inflicted on her” the Archbishop said. 

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“I robbed to raise money to bail my gang member from Kirikiri prison”- Suspect tells RRS

25-year-old Sadiq Yinusa, pictured above, has been arrested by operatives of the Rapid Response Squad, RRS, of the Lagos State Police Command, for attempted robbery. When interr.ted, Yinusa said he went to rob at a nightclub in the Igbobi area of the state so he can raise money to secure the release of his other gang member who is currently being held at the Kirikiri prison.


Yinusa was arrested at a nightclub in Igbobi while attempting to rob the club supervisor. Armed with a locally made shot gun, 4 live cartridges, a socket wrench, a chisel and a plier, Yinusa attempted to rob the night club supervisor but was apprehended.


When interr.ted, Yinusa said


“Prince Chika, currently serving prison sentence in Kirikiri for robbery, called me last week to help him hassle around for funds to secure his freedom from prison. I have visited him in the prison a week ago and he had called me from prison to appeal for my assistance. He gave me the location of this gun and some of the arms he used.

He has assured me to pay back within the first few weeks of regaining freedom. I retrieved all these arms from the bush where he kept them before heading for the operation. He told me that he bought the gun in Anambra State for a sum of N5000. Yesterday was the first day I would fire a gun during an operation. Everybody had already left the club in Morocco Road, Igbobi when I scaled the fence. I saw the supervisor, and at gunpoint, I requested for his wallet.

I felt he was wasting time, so, I shot him but he dodged it and raised alarm. I was escaping when I ran into a patrol team of RRS men responding to distress noise. I was a pickpocket and a burglar before venturing into robbery. Last week, I broke into three houses in Somolu. From each of the houses, I collected two mobile phones of my victims. I also got three laptops as well as jewelry. I sold them to Adamu Jubril.

Whenever, I collect ATM cards from victims, it is Korede Baki (22) that assist me in doing the withdrawals. I collected the PIN along with the ATM card at gun point.”

Also arrested with the suspect were the receivers; Jubril Adamu and Korede Baki. According to Jubril Adamu, popularly called Ango, a trader in Tejuosho Market, Yaba,


“I have been buying stolen items from Yinusa for over six months now. I have bought over 15 mobile phones, laptops and jewelry from him. I bought laptops from him at N30,000:00 each.”



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Kidnappers on the prowl in Abuja, abduct lecturer, two teenagers, others in 24 hours

Kidnappers are on a prowl in Abuja, the nations capital, as a lecturer at Base University Abuja, Abubakar Alkali and two teenagers were abducted on Saturday September 14th in Abuja. 


According to reports, the teenagers were returning from Quranic lecture at Wuse zone 6, when they were abducted.  Also on Saturday, unknown gunmen abducted one Hannah Azuibuike near Habiba plaza in Maitama, and also Ummi Ardo who was kidnapped outside Blickers super market in Asokoro.


In a statement released on Sunday September 15th, Ardo’s father who is an Adamawa-based politician, confirmed  his daughter’s abduction and said no one has heard from her abductors.

“My daughter, Ai’shat Umar Ardo (Ummi)), 24, was kidnapped at Blinkers Shopping mall, No.46 Nkwame Nkurma crescent, Asokoro around 7:45pm yesterday. They put her in an ash Camry and zoomed off. Nothing is heard of her since, and no call is yet received from them. Your prayer is needed. Thank you.” the statement read


Spokesperson of the FCT police command, Anjuguri Manzah, confirmed the reported abductions but declined to give further comments.


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