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President Tinubu’s First Executive Proclamation Was To Inflict Pains On Nigerians – Labour Party Speaks On Fuel Scarcity

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The Labour Party (LP) has expressed concern at what it has characterised as President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s premature elimination of the fuel subsidy during his inaugural speech on Monday, May 29.

The party warned Nigerians to brace themselves for additional anti-people policies by the government of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) after lamenting the stark reality that less than 24 hours after President Tinubu assumed office, the pump price of petrol shot up to N600 per litre and N750 per litre in the black market.

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The National Publicity Secretary of the Abure-led-NWC, Obiora Ifoh, made this announcement on Tuesday in Abuja.

He said though Labour Party had, during its campaign promised to end the subsidy regime, but would not have gone ahead to announce the removal by a presidential fiat without working out modalities to cushion the effects it might have on the people.

He said;

As we speak now, the queues are back again and Nigerians will, as was the case in the previous administration begin to keep vigils in the filling station to get just a few litres of petrol. As expected, commercial transporters have hiked their trip fares across the country in response to the developments. While product hawkers are once more the king of the jungle.

This scenario easily reminds one of the story of a certain Pharaoh who on assumption of throne empowered his task-masters to triple the daily tasks of the Jews. What a way to announce one’s emergence as the sheriff in town. President Tinubu’s first executive proclamation was such that it is purposed to inflict pains on Nigerians.


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