Pretty Mike Flaunts His Latest Whip A Lamborghini

Popular Lagos big boy and club owner Pretty Mike who was recently accused of employing the service of one of his domestic staff to stage a valentine gift parade, has earlier today taken to his Instagram page to parade his newly acquired car, a Lamborghini SUV.

The Remy Martini influencer who flaunted his new car with a customised plate which had on it “PM-7” which means Pretty Mike’s 7th car.

Recall Pretty Mike shared a video online claiming an anonymous ladybird sent him Valentine’s gift. In the video, a security guard can be seen recounting how he received the gift from the said lady who didn’t give her name. Pretty Mike rebuked the guard for collecting such an item.

Well, it appears it was staged as the lawyer to the security company where the security guard works, has written to the club owner demanding an apology for using their staff for a staged presentation which according to them has brought disrepute to their organization as people now see their officers as poorly trained.

The security outfit is demanding the socialite apologizes or they will be forced to file a N200m defamatory case against him.Pretty Mike

The security guard who PM used to allegedly stage the Valentine gift presentation was filmed recounting how it all happened.

See photo of Pretty Mike’s new Lamborghini below;


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