Nigerian socialite Pretty Mike of Lagos has slammed ladies who compare sex with their husbands with their exes, noting that it is the several sex that is smessing with them and not their current men.
Pretty Mike took to Instagram to say this, noting that when women eventually find their soulmates, they think they are not measuring up simply because they have had too many experiences and expect one man to match the all t hey have accumulated from various partners.'Sex With Many People Has Messed Your Head', Pretty Mike Speaks To Women
“STOP comparing sex with ur ex boyfriends and ur husband Pls…….Having sex with so many people just messes up your head and when you eventually find a soulmate, you think he’s not measuring up simply because you’ve had way too many experiences and you start expecting one man to match the Style, Rounds and sessions accumulated from various partners over the years”, he said.
Nailing himself to the cross before people begin to call him names, Pretty Mike called himself a retired dog who is only trying to advise people to respect their bodies.
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“Now be4 una disagree, I’m not saying I’m perfect oooh, infact I’m a retired dog. I’m simply saying protect ur aura. Respect ur body, celibacy is not so bad, but if you lack the capacity to understand that Canaan land is not for everyone (even Moses that was God’s paddy did not enter) You can’t be smooching all the frogs in the pond because you are looking for princess Fiona or Prince Charming… Even the whore of Jericho had more sense that some people deserve hugs, others kisses in the air. Don’t mess up ur ambience by allowing every Egyptian cross ur Red Sea. Las las Na my Perspective 🙏🏽🙈”, he wrote.'Sex With Many People Has Messed Your Head', Pretty Mike Speaks To Women
pretty mike
Pretty Mike of Lagos
Photos Credit: Instagram

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