Home News “Protect her as your wife and not our wife”

“Protect her as your wife and not our wife”


Akwa Ibom pastor, Ab Isong, has said that the secret to a peaceful home and well-raised children is a happy wife.


Read his post below…

“To have a peaceful home and well bred kids, just make this gender happy if God has blessed you with a good one.” 

(1) Never return home without pizza 

(2) Say thank you after eating her food 

(3) Sometimes forget hbfjfgdg and just cuddle

(4) When she says leave me alone, don’t oh 

(5) Even after driving her to her destination, still give her transport fare.

(6) Follow her watch ZEE-WORLD and be shouting Nehi from top to bottom 

(7) During public holidays please stay at home though I’m typing from outside 

(8) Never stop being her friend!

(9) Don’t compare her to any other in Heaven or on Earth.

(10) Protect her as your wife and not our wife. No be your family gettam

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